Monthly Archive: May 2017

Are You A Party Girl?

Are you in your teens? Have you just begun college? Does the word party enthrall you? Do you consider yourself a wild party girl? Well, if so then you will want to read this. Why? Because after all the wild parties and the crazy college stuff you have a whole new world awaiting to be faced by you. Only then you will realize how the past matters! Go here for more iformation about labiaplasty.

Be crazy but not stupid!

When we are in our teens and college days, we often tend to make stupid decisions. We have no sense of direction, we don’t value anything. It’s like we just run free. It is ok to be free but know your limit. You don’t want to be known as the girl who got things done the wrong way. It may carry a trail into your future. Imagine 10 years from now working in an office, and a junior sub ordinate joins the office only to be past lover from college life. Some know how to handle things right, but some may misuse your past to achieve undue advantage. Remember all your action has a reaction in the future!

Avoid making any life changing decisions

Even small things like tattoos can make a huge difference in how you are perceived. There are some people who get tattoos on their faces, lips, eyelids and etc. during college days just for fun. But later on, when they try to enter the corporate world they find people not placing them right. They often tend to misinterpret you. So avoid making such life altering decisions. It is always best to wait until the crazy age is over to make clear decisions which you know is what you want! Getting a breast implant done may not be a big issue then but you may not like it later. At least breast implants Melbourne price are reversible however some others are not. Like the vampire woman who got surgeries to look scary as a vampire. Imagine her plight when she wants to go back to “normal”?

Yes! Party!

You can party as much as you need but make sure you don’t do anything stupid. Getting drunk with friends you trust is ok but not with strangers you met for the first time in the party. Don’t get too drunk, that you are unable to even defend yourself. The best solution is for you to take turns with your circle of friends of one person who is going to avoid drinking for the party. That way that person can ensure your circles safety. Don’t ever drink and drive. Not only are you putting your life in jeopardy but those on the streets. Most teens and college students don’t realize the harm of drink driving until something unfortunate happens! So be an intelligent partier! Also being a girl, you may be pushed in to taking nudies, don’t ever take such photographs if you know you will not like it resurfacing in another 10years. Keep in mind that such things never go away. The will keep reemerging your life. So don’t do anything you know you will regret! Most often, girls who party hard want to be in style and consider cosmetic surgery like double eyelid surgery. There isn’t anything wrong in that but make sure that you firmly believe you need the surgery done. Don’t do anything for the spur of the moment. Think rationally and make the decision!

Be considerate

Uphold values of your and your friend’s wherever you go. Culture and values are very important, even though you wouldn’t realize them now. Also be considerate of others feelings, especially your peers and parents. Remember your younger siblings may look up to you. So don’t only be known as a wild girl who knew to party hard. But be known as girl who knew how to balance life and make ration decisions which is why she is now a successful person career wise and family wise!